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Never Die

“Don’t attempt to commit suicide. Take good care of yourself. Thanks for making me feel what first love feels like.”

“Thank you also.. I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry… I know and I won’t.. Goodbye.”

That was our last conversation before we broke up. I admit, I’ve tried to commit suicide four times. Because I felt that I was never noticed, I was never loved and I never believed in God.

All of that changed when I met you.

You changed the way I think of myself. You love me for who I am. You treated me like I’m your world. You made me believe that there is God. That He’s always watching over us.

The way you smile. The way you laugh. The way you hug and kiss me. That’s the time I told myself that I was so blessed to have met you.

-First year-

We were like twins, always together. Sometimes your colleagues and oh.. also my colleagues (haha) sulked because we never got the chance to go have fun with them. On our first anniversary, you made a box full of our pictures together. It was lovely. I wanted to keep it, but we were both afraid that our parents might find out about us. We weren’t ready.

There was this time you were ready to give up on us because you knew that we’d never last, but I insisted. Why? Because you’re the only person who believed that I could do everything. You were the only person in my world during that time. I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t want to go back to being alone ever again.

That time I saw you cry for the first time. I cried. Still, we decided to continue our discreet relationship.

-Second year-

On the second year of us being together, it was exactly 2 months before our 2nd anniversary, I fell out of love. You were busy with stuff that you’re passionate with. You forgot what we’d planned, our dates and others. At first, I totally understood that. I didn’’t want you to stop what you’re doing but our time being together lessened. I also joined organizations to keep myself busy. I did my best but I failed and I quit because I realized that I’m not good at it.

We talked about the status of our relationship. We did our best to make us still work. And.. We celebrated our second anniversary.

-Nine Months and Fifteen Days-

During this time, I’ve been thinking about ending our relationship. I was hurt whenever I knew that you cry in the church every Sunday. Hearing the pastor’s preach hurt your beautiful heart. When your parents asked your whereabouts, you lied because you wanted to be with me a bit longer. I know deep inside you, you’re hurt.. You’re in pain. You don’t deserve it.. I’m really sorry.

A month before our 3rd anniversary, I broke up with you. I cried. A lot. I kept saying “I’m sorry.”.

You hugged me and said “It’s okay, we knew already that it would end up like this. Don’t cry.”

At first, you were holding back your tears. But you also cried. We talked about all the good things that happened. All the things that changed us on how we grew up maturely..

Before I left your house, we had a closure of our relationship. I don’t know why but the pain that I’m enduring at my chest lessen.

I know it’s hard to move on. But at least, we should do our best to move forward. We’re still young. We’ll find the right one for us in time.

It has been a month now since we broke up. I don’t cry anymore every morning and night, at buses & jeeps, at my workstation and inside the comfort room. I’m doing my best to be okay and to be optimistic again. I have a lot of friends now that supports and guide me everyday. I always pray now before I eat. I pray to God every night. Thank you for all the lessons that you taught me. Thank you so much for the love and support my first love. -L-

This was actually the photo you’ve taken when I had my job interview. 🙂

New Impression to the New World

Hooray! I graduated from college! I am now free to do whatever I want!!

—That’s what I really would want to say but unfortunately overthinking dominated over my own happiness. Because right after the day I graduated, I thought about the responsibilities that I’ll be facing in the future. One of those is living on my own, meaning, not relying on what my parents would give me because in my own concept; once I graduated in college, the responsibilities of my parents will stop there (in terms of financial aspect) and I’ll be on my own to figure out how to survive independently. It is also because I want my parents to enjoy their life with the money they worked so hard for many years.

A lot of people are asking me:

“Why did you apply for a job right after you graduated in college? You should take a rest from stress for at least a month!”

“Isn’t it too early for you to be working right away? You should enjoy your vacation!”

..and my number one answer is always:

“I have no MONEY and I need MONEY.”

Well um.. yes, I do enjoy staying at home and watching anime/K-dramas or reading mangas (I’m an otaku.) but I get bored doing these things repeatedly on a daily basis. It made me feel like a worthless freeloader in our house. It is always refreshing for me when I use my own money to buy the stuffs I want. I am very thankful to my parents for raising me to be independent and always be responsible for my actions.

I am just excited to know how the corporate wold really feels like. I wanted to experience more difficult things because I personally believe that everything is limitless. Every difficult task or situation we encounter, cultivates us to be the better version of ourselves.

I did not regret the decisions I made. Rather, I’m currently enjoying being an employee of a certain company in BGC. It is just so wonderful to meet new people who are far most incomparable to the people I met back in college. Everyone is so mature and they all have the sense of being responsible and as well as being passionate to their job. It just made me admire to be like them and also to inspire other people to do their best in their lives. It is not true when people would say that real life starts in college. It’s because, for me, college is just a foundation to make you ready physically, emotionally and socially capable of handling different situations that you’ll be facing off in the corporate world.

If someone would ask how is it working in the corporate world, I would say it is more challenging and more stressful than in college and the only way to make it less is to enjoy. Enjoy everything. Socialize with your office mates.

As what my partner in the office always told me on the first week of my job, “Chill ka lang. Wag mo iuuwi yung trabaho.” Learn to separate work from personal life. Everything that is work related stuffs should stay in the office only. I like it how my office mates motivate themselves to be optimistic on their work. Some of them wrote inspirational quotes in their notes for them to feel motivated whenever they feel stressed on their job. I like it how our team leader push his members to think deeply and concisely into a situation related to our job. He also encourage us to embrace the responsibility of our job.

 Everyone’s not the same.

Not all people would like you. Not all people would appreciate what you do. Not all people would want you to become their companion. Not all people would hear you out. But you know what? The only advice that I could share is to be humble and do your best to every hurdle you’ll be encountering. Greet everyone. Even though they hate you with or without any reasons, greet them. Always remember that being optimistic would bring you to a good way of life. Well, I was supposed to say “success” but nope. Being positive only would not bring you to success. Basically being successful in life would require a mixtures of skills, attitude and sometimes sacrifices. But if you have faith on what you’re doing, you’ll definitely achieve it.

(Photo captured by me at Eartheaven, Rizal)

Lost and Reflect

Sometimes you have to be a little lost to find yourself. Find a peaceful place where you can reflect on the things you have in your current situation. For me, the place where I do my reflections is mostly at coffee shops with jazz type of music. It makes me feel relaxed and let me think more clearly. Reflect on what you really wanted to do.. what you really enjoy the most.. find your passion and have faith. Relying on someone is not a bad idea but anything that is too much is dangerous. We, as an individual, must learn how to be independent. We must learn how to solve our own problems and conquer it independently as long as we can handle it.

Life’s a mess. You’re bound to get lost at a point or two. In fact, no one really knows what they’re doing. It’s just the world magically stitches the paths your bound to go based on the actions you do in your life.

If you’re feeling a little lost, always remember that you are not the only one who feels that way. You are the one who makes your own decisions and whatever that’ll happen in the future will only depend on you.

Life doesn’t always work on how we wanted it to be. Disappointments, hatred, regrets and sorrow are what we commonly feel whenever we experience something unfortunate. Don’t feel bad about it, maybe it’s not the time yet for you to have it. Think positive always! Something way bigger and better is waiting for you. 🙂

My friend always tell me that things will happen if we think that it’ll happen because our mind is very powerful. It dictates on what we should do and what we would feel. When life’s punching you in every step you do, just STOP and BREATH. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Just believe and have patience you’ll achieve it. 🙂


(Photo by: Me @ Elysian Homes, Meyc, Bulacan)

Love Appreciation

Love is limitless they say. Love isn’t about the ethnicity of a person, it’s all about the affection you feel towards each other. You will learn many different kinds of things when you’re in love. You will learn how to appreciate efforts that he/she gives no matter how small or big it is. You will feel free to do whatever you wanted to do in front of that person without being shy, in other words, you can freely show your real self in front of him/her. Even though you’re moody, you will feel that someone’s always there and appreciating who you are. When you are sick and your family’s not there to make you feel better, there’s someone that you can always rely to. There’s one time I overheard a conversation between my friend and her partner

G: “Bakit ang effort mo?”

B: “Kasi Mahal Kita.”

Oohh such cheesy lines. Hahaha #walangforevermagbrebreakdinsatwentythree 😂

Some of us are maybe in a relationship, single or finding their one true love through different ways. Other people say that when you found your one true love it’s like you’ve found the missing piece of yourself.

There’s one thing still that is quite boggling my mind.

Is it real or possible to fall in love by just communicating through calls and texts without meeting that man/woman in person? and adding to that you’ve never exchanged pictures with each other. 

In my opinion, it is 50% possible and 50% impossible.

It is possible because love is all about the affection you feel towards each other. It is when you feel the security and the feeling of being comfortable to share what is happening in your daily activities. And we all have heard stories from other people who are successful in their love life despite the flaws they have with each other.

On the other hand, it is impossible because even though we say that looks doesn’t really matter there’s still a small portion of ourselves that will consider that. You also don’t know the background of the person you’re communicating to. What if he/she’s just sugar coating words for you to believe something unrealistic? What if he/she has a relationship with other person? Did you ever thought how that person would feel if you’re having an affair? Have you ever thought of these questions before entering a relationship with someone you’ve never met or seen in person?

Always remember: The Actions we do today would reflect the situations that may occur in the future.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Thank you. 

The Me Inside

Hi everyone! This is my first blog post and I decided that it’ll be about myself. I really don’t know where or how to start this kind of thing but I think I’ll go with introducing my name. I am Marc Patrick Ang. 21 years old. Born on the 8th of November, 1995. Half Chinese. 1/4 Spanish and 1/4 Filipino. Pretty much complicated race I have right? Haha! Well, it’s just because my father is a Chinese and my mother is Half Spanish. I have two older brothers and I am the youngest.

You can describe me as an otaku because I really love watching anime and reading manga.  Anime and manga are like the fuel in my body. I can It makes my week incomplete if I weren’t able to watch Anime or read a manga. I can finish reading 100 chapters in one day. Hehe!

Right now, I’m building a new hobby which is photography and blogging. I was inspired by our fellow Filipino bloggers (David Guison, Kerwin King and Deegee Razon) to pursue this kind of passion. Also, I’m a big fan of @bran.wolf !!! (Search on Instagram)

(Btw, guys meet my camera! KonKon!!)

I’m an introvert person and that makes my friends feel uneasy to approach me because there are times that I want to be alone then listen to music. In school, I spent most of my time at the library sleeping or doing homework. I apologize because I was born with a mean face (my best buddies call it resting b*tch face. Lols) so if there will be a chance that we will meet.. Please don’t be afraid to approach me. I am really friendly and if we’re given a chance to be close, you’ll know my deepest darkest secrets and discover more about me. Haha! Just kidding. I don’t smile a lot because it makes me feel awkward. There’s a time that I tried smiling at them and one my friends told me to cut it out because it’s creepy.

My old hobby was observing people. I love looking and staring at them until they became bothered to themselves and start searching dirt on their body that doesn’t even exist. Haha! Just kidding.  I analyze their movements and their behavior because in that way I would know how should I approach them. Umm, it might sounds creepy but it helped me a lot in many different ways. Don’t worry, I am not like that anymore.. Well um, at least I improved. Hehe!

I realized that all the actions that I did was not to make myself improve but rather to strengthen my comfort zone. And that’s why I participated in many contests held inside and outside the school. During my first year in college, I participated in a pageant held by our organization. I was like.. “umm.. what the F did I get myself in?” Well to cut the story short.. I lost. Haha! But I admit, it helped me to become a better person.


(Yup. That’s me. Haha!)

I also experienced being a student leader in a national organization but sadly I left because of my personal reasons. Although it was just 6 months, I am proud that I improved a lot! I gained a lot of confidence to reach out to other people and strengthen the bond with them. I can now smile (not the awkward smile) with them and I learned to trust other people more.

One thing I realized is that there will always be ups and downs in life. It’s just a matter of the choice you make. Don’t dwell on the past and move forward! But never ever forget your past, may it be good or bad, because it made you of what you are now.

Thanks for reading! 

Some of my shots:

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